Museum Friends Talks Programme

All talks take place on the last Saturday each the month at 2pm. The talks are a live event at the museum but also simultaneously broadcasted on Zoom. Talks are free for the Friends. For others, the charge is £6 either via Eventbrite or tickets purchased at Warwick Tourist Information Centre. Tickets include admission to the museum.

If you are a member of the Friends and not attending in person, a link will be automatically sent to your email at 1:45pm. If you are not currently a Friend, talks can be either be booked through Eventbrite or by contacting the Friends' Secretary Jonathan Davy at

‘The Royal Warwickshire Regiment and Passchendaele’ by Ian Binnie: describing how the different battalions fought in the mud and explaining how the British Army almost broke through and had the Germans on the run.

‘D-Day failure? 1/Suffolks and the drive to Caen’ by Adrian Roberts: examining the role of a single British battalion on D-Day and its attempt to capture a key German position; what did this action show about the problems encountered on 6th June and was it an important factor in the British failure to take Caen?

‘Monty in Italy’ by Zita Fletcher: an examination of F.M. Montgomery ‘s battles in Italy, the hard fighting, the struggles with military administration and leadership experiences.

‘Who were the Royal Warwicks?’ by Jonathan Davy: explaining the massive growth of the B.E.F. during the First World War using the example of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment; who were these men and where they went to fight for King and Country.

‘Animals in the Great War’ by Alan Reed: looking at the variety of animals used in the First World War, the part they played in the war effort with some individual stories. Book tickets at

‘Monty’s Flying Fortress’ by Zita Fletcher: a look at Montgomery’s B-17 Flying Fortress; how and why he got the aircraft and his relationship with the American aircrew members.

‘Dashing Hussar, Brave Cuirassier’ by Major Mick Atkinson: the story of an officer in Napoléon’s Army who fought in many battles, was sent on secret missions, saved the Pope’s life and was wounded more times than any other soldier; he was personally presented with the Légion d’Honneur by the Emperor.

August - no talk

‘P.J. Pretorius, the ivory hunter who helped bag the S.M.S. Konigsberg’ by Peter Griffiths: how Pretorius was partly instrumental in the destruction of this German light cruiser in German East Africa in July 1915.

‘Dunkirk’ by Major David Seeney: looking at the evacuation of the B.E.F. at Dunkirk in 1940, the role of Montgomery and the massacre at Wormhoudt of men of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment and other units.

‘1/Warwicks from the Marne to the Aisne in 1914’ by Jonathan Davy: looking at the part the Warwicks played during the First Battle of the Marne and asking if the Allies squandered a golden opportunity to defeat the Germans in September 1914.

December - no talk